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Passport/VISA/Citizenship/ID Photos Service for any Country

Our Digital Passport and Identification Photo Service is designed to complement our fingerprinting and notary public services. 


Our passport service is perfect for anyone applying for a Work Permit, Adjustment of Status for Visa/Immigration and Notary Public Licenses.  All of these applicants could meet their fingerprinting, photo identification and notary public requirements in one convenient location at our office. 


Many other professional licensees such as Physicians and Surgeons applying for Medical licenses and Certified Public Accountants could meet both fingerprinting and photo requirements with our convenient available services.


We take professional digital passport and Identification photos that comply with the requirements of state department, embassies and professional licensing agencies.


Live Scan Fingerprinting Plus provides quick Digital Passport and Identification Photos for:

Any Country Passport Photos Immigration Photos Identification Photos
Citizenship Photos Visa, ID Photos Notary Photos,....


Walk-ins for passport photos are always welcome during our normal business hours.  Contact Live Scan Fingerprinting Plus today.

Do you need Passport photos? Live Scan Fingerprinting Plus offers Passport photography services. We use Digital Camera to take picture so you can view your photos before we print it for you. We have Passport Photo software that allows us to create custom size Passport photos for the most of countries with your specification up to 4"x"6 size.

We can create high-quality color Passport, VISA, Citizenship, ID photos that are suitable for use with  USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Germany, or any other country with your specification for Passport or VISA application. You can purchase USA Passport size (2"x2") photos for $15, Custome size Photos (other than 2x2, upto 4x6) for $30. The service is available during normal operating hours.

5-10 Minute Passport Photos

  • No Hidden Charges

  • Passport/VISA/INS/ ID or Custom size Photos for some other application or License requirement.

  • No Appointment Needed

  • Fast, Reliable, Convenient and Friendly

We also offer following related Services:

  • Passport Application forms and Passport Processing Information.

  • Passport Photos for USA, Canada, etc.

  • Green Card (INS) Photos,  ID Photos, Sports Team ID Photos, etc.

  • U.S. Citizenship Photos, VISA Photos, Notary Public photos, etc.

  • Fingerprinting Services (approved for licensing; valid ID required)

  • All photos trimmed to your specifications

  • Bring your own Digital photos and we can print to the size you want upto 4"x6"

  • USA Visa Lottery ( DV Lottery) Program Digital Photo - Electronic Diversity VISA Lottery Photo Requirements

    The submitted image must adhere to the following specifications. Photographs submitted must be a recent photograph, taken within the last 6 months. Please be advised that failure to comply with any of the following requirements may result in disqualification from the lottery.

    • The image file may be produced by acquiring an image with a digital camera or by digitizing a paper photograph with a scanner.
    • Digital enhancement or other alterations or retouching are not permitted.
    • The original aspect ratio of the image must be preserved. (No image stretching is allowed.)
    • The image file may be produced by acquiring an image with a digital camera or by digitizing a paper photograph with a scanner.
    • Digital enhancement or other alterations or retouching are not permitted.
    • The original aspect ratio of the image must be preserved. (No image stretching is allowed.)

    • The image must contain the full face, neck, and shoulders of the entrant in frontal view with a neutral, non-smiling expression and with eyes open and directed at the camera.
    • The image must not contain any parts of the body below the entrant's shoulders.
    • The image must not include other objects or additional people.
    • The entrant must be vertically oriented in the image.
    • The image must be from a recent (within 6 months) photo of the entrant.
    • The subject must directly face the camera.
    • The head must not be tilted up, down, or to the side.
    • The head height (measured from the top of the head, including the hair, to the bottom of the chin) must be between 50% and 69% of the image’s total height. The eye height (measured from the bottom of the image to the level of the eyes) should be between 56% and 69% of the image's total height. The diagram below shows these measurements on a correctly-proportioned image.

    DV Lottery Photo Validator

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Sample Photos/Description

  Five Passport Photos (50x40 mm, 70% of the face in white background
Argentina passport photo

Argentina passport photo

6 Fotos: deben ser de color sobre fondo blanco, de 1½ x 1½ pulgada de tamaño, tomadas de ¾ perfil derecho, con cabeza descubierta y sin anteojos.
Austria Passport Photo


  Austrian passport photo - 2 of 1.8 inch (45 mm) high x 1.4 inch (35 mm) wide, max. head size 1.4 inch (36 mm), min. eye distance 0.3 inch (8mm)
Australia Passport Photo

Australian passport photo: 2 Photos: Photo dimensions: at least 45mm high x 35 mm wide (do NOT trim photos if bigger) Head size: 32 mm to 36 mm (1¼” to 13/8”) from top of head (not hair) to bottom of chin (Same as UK)

Bangladesh Passport Photo   Bangladesh Passport Photo: 4 (four) 40mmx50mm / passport size photographs. (two photographs on each of the application forms)
Belarus passport photo   Belarus passport photo: 4 of 30mm x 40mm, head size over 80% of the photo.
Belgian passport photo Belgium passport, Belgin passport Belgian passport photo - two of 35mm x 45mm. On the photograph, the head should occupy a minimum area of 2.5 cm and a maximum of 3.5 cm. The background should be light and uniform.
Bolivian passport photo Bolivian passport photo - two of 2 x 2

Britain Passport Photo.
Great Britain Passport Photo.

Same as  UK passport photo size.
Two photographs.  It should be a close-up of your head and shoulders so that your face covers 70 to 80% of the photograph. The size should be 45 x 35mm.
Brazil Passport Photo

Brazil Passaporte foto, Brazilian passport photo - 3 of 2 x 3, date sheet on photos in day/month/year. 
3 (três) fotos coloridas recentes, com data (na frente da foto e no formato DIA/MÊS/ANO), tamanho 2x3 polegadas ("2 by 3 inches"), de frente para a câmara e, quando coloridas, com fundo branco; (não são aceitas fotos tiradas há mais de seis meses ou com data inserida por meio eletrônico);
Bulgarian passport photo

Bulgarian passport photo - 3 of 35mm x 45mm gray background.
Canadian Passport photo
Uniform lightingHeight of face correctCorrect child pose

Two Photos: Size and paper:

  • The length of the face on the photo from chin to crown of head (natural top of head) must be between 31 mm (1 1/4 in.) and 36 mm (1 7/16 in.).
  • The photos must measure 50 mm X 70 mm in size (2 inches wide X 2 3/4 inches long).
  • The photos must be a close-up of the head and shoulders so that the face covers approximately 65 to 75% of the photo.
  • The photos must be printed on plain, high quality photographic paper. Heavy weight paper is unacceptable.
  • Either black and white or color photos are acceptable.
Canadian Citizenship photo Two of 35 x 53mm, 10mm space below the image, matte finish. Stamp on back of both photos.
The photos must measure: • 35mm x 53mm finished size;• between 25mm and 35mm from chin to crown. • a plain white signature strip (no more than 10mm and no less than 6mm deep) at the bottom; • be produced on single weight matte paper.
Canadian Visa Photo Canadian visa photo, Canada visa photo, Ne\w York, NY, Manhattan Canadian Visa Photo - Two of 35mm x 45mm, chin to "crown" 31mm to 36mm. The photos must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photo, and include the top of the shoulders. The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31 mm (1 1/4″) and 36 mm (1 7/16″). Crown means the top of the head, or (if obscured by hair or a head covering), where the top of the head or skull would be if it could be seen.
China Passport Photo Chinese Passport photo - 48mm x 33mm, head height 28mm - 33mm, head width 21mm - 24mm.
white or light blue back
China Visa Photo One recently taken 2X2 in. photo showing entire face and without a hat on. 
Please affix the photo to the application form.
Visa Photos for China
Chinese visa photo - one of 2x2 photo, full face, no hat on. One recently taken 2x2 inch photo showing face and without a hat on. 
Colombia Passport Photo

Tres fotografías iguales de fecha reciente de 1.5 x 2.5 pulgadas,
 tomadas de frente, a color y en fondo blanco.

Colombian passport photo - 3 of 1.5 x 2.5 photos (head size not specified). 
Colombian VISA photo   Colombian VISA photo: 3x3cm photo
Croatia passport photo Croatia passport photo Croatia passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm
Cyprus passport photo   2 recent  4 x 5 cm photographs. One must be notarized by a Notary Public
Czech passport photo Czech passport photo Czech passport photo: 

(a). 10 year passport photo - 5cm x 5cm, but will be taken at the consulate general office.
(b). 6 months passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm photo, white back.

Denmark Passport Photo Denmark passport photo, Denish passport photo Danish passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm, head 30mm - 36mm.
Denmark passport photo, Denish passport photo
Estonia Passport Photo

Kui taotlete ID-kaarti ja passi koos, saate seda teha ühe ankeediga ja piisab ühest värvifotost 40x50 mm. Riigilõivu tõendavaks dokumendiks võib olla ka panga makseautomaadi või internetipanga maksekorralduse väljatrükk.

Estonian passport photo - one of 40mm x 50mm, head size 30mm - 40mm
(min 20mm for 11 and younger), white back, mouth closed.
Finland Passport Photo Finnish passport photo - Two of 35mm x 45mm
· The photo must be 47mm high and 36mm wide. The distance between the top of the head without hair and the bottom of the chin must be 32-36mm in the photo. · For children younger than 11 years old, a photo with a smaller head size is acceptable if blurring or other distortion cannot otherwise be avoided. In such photos, the height of the head must still be at least 25mm. · If the subject has a large volume of hair, it is essential to make sure that in the photo the distance between the bottom of the chin and the top of the head corresponds to the values given above.
France Passport Photo (GIF) French passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm

The format must be 45x50 mm without edges, the height of the head measured from bottom of chin to top of the head should be between 32 and 36 mm maximum (the face should not be less than 20 mm, head should be in the center of the photograph, naked and face) color or black and white on white or gray. A 10mm space should be visible between the top of the head and the upper edge of the photo. Click here for details of the photo 

France Visa Photo French passport photo, France passport photo French Visa photo All photographs provided with a visa application must be : 
- recent, 
- in color on a plain white background 
- must be printed on photo-quality paper at high resolution 
- passport size, 
- light and clearly show features, 
- of full front view, 
- taken facing the camera, 
- no side or angled view are acceptable, 
- uncovered: no hat, no veil
Republic of Georgia passport photo   Republic of Georgia passport photo
2 of 3cm x 4cm
4 of 35mm x 45mm
35mm x 45mm (at 300dpi ) digital image on CD
Germany Passport Photo German Passport Photo, ePass, New York, NY,  Manhattan German passport photo - new ePass regulation.
2 of 35mm x 45mm, 32 to 36mm from bottom of chin to hairline.
Greece passport photo

Greece passport photo

Greek passport photo - one of 4cm x 6cm, head 31mm - 35mm. Recent (no more than a month old) color digital photograph 4x6 m (or 1.6 x 2.3 inches) of particular technical specifications, light-colored background and the face looking directly into the camera. We emphasize that if the photograph does not meet the required specifications, the application will be rejected by the Central Division of Passport Issuance in Athens.
Hong Kong Passport Photo Photograph Hong Kong Passport - 3  of 50mm x 40mm white back, head size 32mm - 36mm. Photograph requirements Three identical recent color photographs of yourself are required. The photograph should be taken full face and without a hat. The size must be not larger than 55 mm X 45 mm and not smaller than 50 mm X 40 mm. The photograph should have a plain background in mid-range (i.e. not too light and not too dark) colors of blue, reddish brown, purple, green or pink. The colors of blue and reddish brown are preferred. Please do not use white, yellow or black for the background.
Hong Kong Visa Photo Hong Kong Visa Photo - Two of 50mm x 40mm, white back, color. ( 55mm-50mm x 45mm-40mm )
Hungary Passport Photo Two of 35mm x 45mm white background. Hungary Passport Photo
Two of 35mm x 45mm white background.
India Passport Photo Indian Passport Photo
Two sufficiently bright colored passport size (2 inches x 2 inches) or (35mm X 35mm) photographs showing frontal view of full face against a light background; The Photographs must be: i.) 2" X 2" or 35mm X 35mmin width ii.) Close up of head and top of shoulders so that face takes up 70-80% of the photograph iii.) In sharp focus and clear of high quality with no marks;
India Visa photo
  • Photographs: 2 latest identical passport size photographs (black/white or color) depicting front pose against light background. (Same as Above)
Visa for India, Visa Photos for India
Indian Visa photo
- Two 2 x 2 size photo, white background.


Persons of Indian Origin

  • Two (2) photographs of 2 inches x 2 inches or 35mm x 35mm photos. Sufficiently bright colour photo with frontal view of full face against a light background. Close-up of head and top of shoulders with the face filling up 70% to 80% of the photo. Sharp focus, clear, and of high quality. Photograph should be recent and in no case more than six months old.
  • Following kinds of photographs are not accepted
    • Black and white photographs
    • Photographs with coloured or dark glasses
    • With dark background or in uniform
    • Polaroid, home-shot or home-scanned, or unduly large/small photographs are not accepted.
 India OCI Photo      OCI, Overseas Citizenship of India
Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)
You must also submit TOTAL THREE (3) PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS IN COLOR FOR EACH APPLICANT with LIGHT  BACKGROUND. THE PHOTOGRAPH MUST SHOW FULL FRONT VIEW OF THE PERSON’S HEAD AND SHOULDERS. Each photograph should be of (SIZE 2" inches X 2" inches) Out of the Three One ORIGINAL photograph must be pasted to each copy of your application. (DO NOT STAPLE the photograph)
Indonesia passport photo Indonesian passport photo Indonesian passport photo - NY consulate general requires 2 of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 photos.
However, Los Angeles  consulate general requires 4 of 2 x 2.
Indonesia Visa Photo
  • Two (2) Passport size photographs to be stapled/attached on the visitor's visa application forms (each person has to fill out two (2) applications). Form may be obtained from this office. (Same as above)

Indonesian VISA photo: Two 2x2 Photos
Iran Passport Photo
Iranian passport photo
- Four of 3cm x 4cm photo. White back, no eyeglasses, no hat.
Special scarf requirement for women over 9 year old.
Ireland Passport Photo Irish passport photo - New specifications

The photographs should be 45-50mm in height and 35-38mm in width. They should show a close up of the face and the top of the shoulders so that the length of head measures 32mm-36mm and takes up 70%-80% of the frame.

Israel passport photo Israel passport photo - 2 of 2 x 2 photo.  head 25mm - 35mm. Special dress code - "Neatly dressed". The photograph must:
  • Be exactly 2" x 2"
  • Appear in clear/good quality
  • Show the full face from the front view (both ears should be showing)
  • Have been taken within the last six months
  • Note: Color photos only
Italy Passport Photo Italian citizen living in US can submit 2x2 photos also (one for renew, two for new)
Italian passport photo - two photos (no specs written but same as EU standard)
2 passport size photos on white background taken not later than six months before
Jamaica passport photo Jamaican passport photo - two 2 x 2 photos (no particular size on head size). 
Japan Passport Photo japanese passport photo, new york

Japanese passport photo:

One photo, taken within six months

- Size of face, from head to chin should be between 3.2cm – 3.6 cm (1 1/4 – 1 3/8 inches)

-Should be facing forward with plain background and no shadows -No hats, masks or sunglasses

Japan VISA Photo two 45mm x 45mm passport-type photos taken within the previous six months (stateless persons must submit three photos)  
Korea passport photo

Two (2) Identical Color Photos :- The photos on white background should be less than 6 months old. (Size: 3.5 x 4.5 cm)  The size of the face should be approximately 2.5 x 3.5 cm and should display the front of the individual's face. - Hats, head-gear, and sunglasses are not allowed.

Korean passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm, head 25 -35mm
Korea passport photo A recent photo(2"x2" color) Korean VISA photo
Lebanon passport photo

-Three 2 x 2 photos (new passport) -Two 2 x 2 photos (renewal)

Lebanon passport photo
for New Passport - 3 of 2"x2" (no head sizespecified) for Renewal - 2 of 2" x 2" (no head size specified)
Malaysia Passport Photo Malaysian Passport Photo- Three 2 x 2 Light Blue or white background photos. 
  • Face appearance must be 1-1/2 in big, excluding shoulder length.
  • Light Blue (preferred) or White background.
  • Passport photograph size 2 in x 2 in
Mexico passport photo Tres fotografías: A color, tamaño pasaporte (4.5 x 3.5 cm.), de frente, fondo blanco, cabeza descubierta, sin lentes o cualquier otra prenda que impida la plena identificación de la persona y tomadas con una anterioridad no mayor a 30 días naturales antes de la tramitación del pasaporte Mexican passport photo - 3 of 35mm x 45mm, color photo, front, ears shown, no eyeglasses.
Within 30 days. No digital retouching.
Morocco passport photo 4 passport pictures. Morocco passport photo - 4 photos (size not specified
Moldavia passport photo Trei fotografii color 35x45 mm Moldavia (Moldova)passport photo - 2 of 3cm x 5cm matte finish and 3 of 35mm x 45mm(glossy)
Netherlands Passport Photo Netherlands Dutch passport photos:
The passport photo must be 35 by 45 mm (width x height). Width: from ear to ear, between 16 mm and 20 mm. Height: from age 11: from chin to crown, between 26 and 30 mm. up to age 11: from chin to crown, between 19 and 30 mm.
New Zealand passport photo New Zealand passport photo: 
  • Actual photo size of 45mm height x 35mm width
  • Head size a maximum 80% of the photo (36mm) and minimum 70% of the photo (32mm). With a plain, light colored background (not white or dark) and no background shadow
Norway passport photo Norway passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm(70-80% head). Be taken directly from the front, and against a light background. Show the eyes open and in clear view. No hair must cover the eyes. Mouth must be closed
Panama passport photo - Three photos (35 mm X 45 mm) or (1 3/8 X 1 3/4 in.) color, on white background (frontal view).  Panama passport photo - Three photos (35 mm X 45 mm) or (1 3/8 X 1 3/4 in.) color, on white background (frontal view)
Peru Passport photo Dos (2) fotografías de frente, tamaño pasaporte, a color, fondo  blanco y sin anteojos. Peru Passport photo:- 2 of 2x2 photos (head size not specified)
Poland Passport Photo Polish passport photo 3 of 35mm x 45mm
  • 3 identical passport photos are required for a Polish Passport
  • Photos for polish passports must have been taken recently (within 6 months)
  • Polish Passports state that the size must be 35mm x 45mm
  • A light gray back ground is a must for polish passport passports
  • The distance from the chin to to the top of the head must be between 31mm-36mm
  • The distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye line must be between 20-30mm
Polish Visa Photo
  • The Polish visa photo must present a person from top of head to shoulders
  • The size of head should cover 70-80% of vertical length of the visa photo
  • The head must be uncovered and unveiled in you Polish visa photo
  • The face must not be covered by hair in Polish Visas
  • The eyes must be visible in the visa photo
  • The mouth must be shut in Polish Visa Photos
  • In case of people wearing glasses, we advise you to take them off

Polish Visa Photo Requirements :: New Requirements for Visa Photos

  • Polish visa photos are 3,5 X 4,5 cm
  • The polish visa photo must be sharp and in color
  • Polish Visa photos should be printed on high-quality paper with a bright background
  • The visa photo must be not older than 6 months, and allow easy identification
  • The face straight to the objective, so that both sides of the face are visible
 Romania Passport Photo 4 (patru) fotografii de tip pasaport, color, identice si de data recenta; Romanian passport photo - 4 of 35mm x 45mm
Russia passport photo

Russian International Passport Photo - 6 of 35mm x 45mm,
no head size specification. Color or B/W.

Russian passport photo.
1. Must be B & W
2. photo size 35mm x 45mm
3. Top of the head to top of the photo should be 5mm( + or - 1mm )
4. No head gear, jewelry or eye glasses.
5. Monotone clothing without brash designs.
6. The thickness of photo is less than 0.3mm.
Singapore Passport Photo Singaporean passport photo:
1. Hard copy application - one of 35mmx 45mm, head 25mm to 35mm, Matt or Semi-matt, white back.
2. Digital photo image file with the following specifications :
     - in JPEG format ('jpg' extension);
     - file size is no more than 60 Kbytes;
     - preferred dimension is 400 (Width) by 514 (Height) in pixels.
South Africa passport photo Four (4) passport size photos (2" x 2") South African passport photo - 4 of 2 x 2
Spain Passport Photo

Medidas: Centímetros: largo 4cm, ancho 3cm, Pulgadas: largo 1.5/8", ancho 1.1/4


Spanish passport photo - two of 30mm x 40mm, 70% head (different from other EU photo size)
Sri Lanka Passport and Visa Photos (GIF) Three (3) identical copies of color photographs of size 3.5cm x 4.5cm, with direct face (both ears must be visible) and in a light colored background without the outer border to be affixed to the forms IM35 and IM 35 B.
Sweden Passport Photo

Sweden passport photo, Swedish passport photo

Swedish passport photo - two 35mm x 45mm, 14-22mm Head (70% head).sweden passport photo, Swedish passport photo
Swiss passport photo Swiss passport photo - two 35mm x 45mm photos, head 29mm to 34mm, 11 years or younger 23mm to 34 mm
Syria passport photo Syrian passport photo

ث‌.     يجب أن تكون الصورة من النوع اللامع و بقياس (2×2) إنش.

Syrian passport photo - 4 of 4cm x 4cm (head size not specified)
Taiwan Passport Photo   Taiwanese passport photo - two of 2 x 2 (head 25 to 35mm)
Tanzania passport photo `photocopy' ya fomu iliyojazwa na picha tano (5) za pasipoti saizi ya 4 x 4.5 cm zenye `background' ya rangi ya `sky blue' au rangi ya maji ya bahari. Tanzanian passport photo - 5 of 4cm x 4.5cm, sky blue background, ears shown.
They accept 2 x 2 size(=5cm x 5cm) in the US.
Thailand passport photo Thai passport photo - 2 of 2 x 2
Turkey Passport Photo 2 adet fotoğraf Turkish passport photo- 2 of 35mm x 45mm
Ukraine passport photo " The size of the photo for the Ukrainian passport is 3,5 cm X 4,5 cm, front view, light background, no head cover, smile is not forbidden. The maximum quantity required is 4. " Ukrainian passport photo - 35mm x 45mm.
  • дві фотокартки (розміром 35х45 мм);
Uruguay passport photo Uruguay passport photo - one or two photos, 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
The web site does not specify the size of photos.
However, according to the Uruguay consulate in New York, 1.5 x 1.5 is the size they need.
Uzbekistan passport photo  6 фотокарточек размером 3,5cм Х 4,5 см. (цветные, в анфас) Uzbekistan passport photo - 2 of 3cm x 4cm or 6 of 3.5cm x 4.5cm
Venezuela passport photo Venezuela passport photo - 3 of 2 x 2 photos
Zimbabwe passport photo Two (2) passport colour photos (size 3,5 x 4,5 cm) – photo requirements: white background, appearance – black/dark grey/navy blue shirt/top/dress (no spaghetti straps), no eyeglasses, no jewelry, natural hair tied back, face front with both ears visible Zimbabwe passport photo - 2 of 35mm x 45mm (head size not specified).
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If your country's passport and visa photo specifications are not listed please get in touch with us and we will add them to this page.


Implemented on January 23, 2007, ALL PERSONS traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean region are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States.

The following summarizes information available on the Department of Homeland Security’s website.

  • JANUARY 31, 2008
    U.S. and Canadian citizens will need to present either a WHTI-compliant document, or a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, plus proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate. DHS also proposes to begin alternative procedures for U.S. and Canadian children at that time.

    At a later date, to be determined, the departments will implement the full requirements of the land and sea phase of WHTI. The proposed rules require most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have either a U.S. passport; a U.S. passport card; a trusted traveler card such as NEXUS, FAST, or SENTRI; a valid Merchant Mariner Document (MMD) when traveling in conjunction with official maritime business; or a valid U.S. Military identification card when traveling on official orders.

Note: The passport requirement does NOT apply to U.S. citizens traveling to or returning directly from a U.S. territory.


  • U.S. Passport: U.S. citizens may present a valid U.S. passport when traveling via air, land or sea between the U.S. and the aforementioned Western Hemisphere countries.
  • The Passport Card: U.S. citizens may begin applying in advance for this new, limited-use, wallet-size passport card beginning February 1, 2008. We expect cards will be available and mailed to applicants in spring 2008. When available it will only be valid for land and sea travel between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean region, and Bermuda.
  • Other Accepted Travel Documents: SENTRI, NEXUS, FAST and the U.S. Coast Guard Mariner Document.  Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty traveling on orders are exempt from the passport requirement. DHS has more information on these travel documents.  This information may be seen at


The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is a result of the Intelligence Reform and Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA), requiring all travelers to present a passport or other document that denotes identity and citizenship when entering the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on February 22 its intent to propose, as part of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), significant flexibility regarding travel documents required for U.S. and Canadian children as part of WHTI requirements for U.S. land and sea border entry in 2008.

The goal of the initiative is to strengthen U.S. border security while facilitating entry for U.S. citizens and legitimate foreign visitors by providing standardized documentation that enables the Department of Homeland Security to quickly and reliably identify a traveler.

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